We wish you a very warm welcome to Tarbes. A dynamic city which will provide you skills and knowledge so that you make your stay as enjoyable as possible.


Tarbes Expo Pyrénées Congrès, real economic place, located south of Tarbes, only 5 minutes from the city centre, extending over 24 695 m2 of which 12 695 m2  are covered, and 12 000 m2  outside, the exhibition centre, entirely renovated, can be fitted and modulated to host any kind of events :


Fairs, trade shows, exhibitions, concerts, shows, galas, congresses, sports competitions, tournaments, theatrical performances, forums, general meetings, meetings, conventions, seminars, examination centres, Christmas parties, circus, lottery, festivals, political meetings, sellouts, destockings…


It manages the Congress Centre and the Exhibition Centre, both on the same place.

The Tarbes Expo Pyrénées Congrès’ teams provide to exhibitors, organizers and to the public :

  • Technical skills
  • Logistic services
  • Catering services
  • A team of experts
  • Networks of partners
  • Various spaces


The Exhibition Centre’s teams rely on their experience to guarantee a delightful moment and the best results.


The fexibility and the quality of our site allow us day-to-day inovations and creations in order to fit and desig any kind of events. For Tarbes Expo Pyrénées Congrès, the activity is focusing on two entities :


  • Hosting events
  • The production of events to the general public and professionals


Events we host :


  • Professional and large public exhibitions
  • Tailor-made events : conventions, product launches, seminars, congresses…
  • Annual events organized by Tarbes Expo Pyrénées Congrès : the Home Furnishing Exhibition, the Tarbes feast, the Bridal expo, the Senior fair, the American Saloon Western Country, the Tarbes Geek Festival, the Second-Hand Car Fair, the wellbeing festival, the Mountain Festival and ski sellout…


Congresses Exhibitions Shows : Our spaces


Fairs Exhibitions : Our halls

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